Flash Facts: ‘Who’s Faster Than A Nuke’ Edition

This is your handy-dandy, fact-filled recap of all the wonderful knowledge we gained from the latest installment of The Flash. This week, Team Flash works overtime to stop a nuclear bomb from destroying Central City.

Today’s Episode: “Enter Flashtime” (Season 4; Episode: 15)

Flash Fact 1: You can live together, work together, sleep in the same bed together and still feel like you don’t spend any time as husband and wife.

Flash Fact 2: Don’t be modest. It’s unbecoming.

Flash Fact 3: An apology cube works better if there’s an actual apology on it.

Flash Fact 4: When in doubt, get Jay Garrick.

Flash Fact 5: When you move in Flashtime, you don’t have the time needed for a breach to form.

Flash Fact 6: A nuke might destroy the Speed Force and every speedster along with it…?????

Flash Fact 7: The Speed Force is an essential element of the multiverse.

Flash Fact 8: Harry doesn’t think anything… HE KNOWS.

Flash Fact 9: Iris is his lightning rod.

Flash Fact 10: Jay is also known as the Crimson Comet.

Flash Fact 11: There’s another Flash on Earth 3, and SHE’S coming soon.

Flash Fact 12: Power bars and sweatpants is all you really need.

That’s all for the week in Flash Facts. Be sure check back next week for even more helpful factoids from #BestShowInTheWorld The Flash!

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