Flash Facts: ‘Purple Reign’ Edition

This is your handy-dandy, fact-filled recap of all the wonderful knowledge we gained from the latest installment of The Flash. Last week gave us a glimpse at how 8 minutes can feel like an hour when you have the powers of a speedster. On this week’s edition of Flash Facts, meta hijinks ensue as the we get the delightfully tropey ‘super power swap’ episode.

Today’s Episode: “Run, Iris, Run” (Season 4; Episode: 16)

Flash Fact 1: Mad science is just an area of study, not a degree.

Flash Fact 2: Iris is the leader of the team… Wait, when did that happen?

Flash Fact 3: According to Joe, things “start getting serious” around the third trimester.


Flash Fact 5: For fire to melt through 10 inches of reinforced steel it requires over 6,000°F, which also happens to be 10 times the thermal output of Heatwave’s blaster.

Flash Fact 6: Ralph is Sarah Connor….

Okay, OKAY! Maybe not that one, but what about 80s-era Sarah?

You know what? This still feels like an insult to Sarah Connor. How about Cersei Connor….?

Still not quite right….


Flash Fact 7: If you meet some random guy at a bank and immediately lose your super powers following said meeting, it’s probably not a coincidence.

Flash Fact 8: Don’t eat when you’re in the process of saving lives.

Flash Fact 9: It’s very likely that a state-of-the-art Thinking Cap can enable its wearer to not only analyze a person’s eating habits in a matter of four seconds but also deduce whether an individual opposite them is wearing underwear. Or, you know, the wearer could just figure that out given how tight Ralph’s pants are and because a person has eyes.

Flash Fact 10: If you misplace your super powers, always check with your significant other first. #TVTROPES

Flash Fact 11: Matthew’s (a.k.a. Melting Point’s) abilities work by melting down the highly concentrated bonds between DNA. In layman’s terms, that makes the DNA totally pliable so he can extract them and infuse somebody else with the exact same meta DNA.

Flash Fact 12: When you don’t know what else to do, TRAIN!

Flash Fact 13: Updating software isn’t doing anything. It is, quite literally, nothing.

Flash Fact 14: If one has not seen Spider-Man 2, one needs to seriously consider how they live with themselves.

Flash Fact 15: Running is peaceful, calming, and makes it easy to think. Cut to…

Flash Fact 16: WARNING! New powers may lead to excessive use of puns and repeated exclamations of the word “money.”

Flash Fact 17: The only way to stop a 100 ft. fire tornado is with a 100 ft. tidal wave, apparently.

Flash Fact 18: Cisco makes a good Borg reference.

That’s all for the week in Flash Facts. Be sure check back next week for even more helpful factoids from The Flash!

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