Flash Facts: ‘Wayne Szalinski’ Edition

This is your handy-dandy, fact-filled recap of all the wonderful knowledge we gained from the latest installment of The Flash. This week, Cisco gets shorter than usual and a member of Team Flash might be a secret meta.

Today’s Episode: “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash” (Season 4; Episode: 12)

Flash Fact 1: Cecille Horton reading minds is the sequel to 2000’s What Women Want that we deserve.

Flash Fact 2: Bulbasaur isn’t just a Pokémon; it’s a number and the cutest one of all.

Flash Fact 3: Latent telepathic abilities are the equivalent of gestational diabetes.

Flash Fact 4: Gorilla prison is worse than regular prison because they throw their scat at you.

Flash Fact 5: Barry Allen cheats at poker.

Flash Fact 6: Don’t throw your last pudding in the pot, dumb ass.

Flash Fact 7: Always spring for the “shrinking prevention” insurance.

Flash Fact 8: Joe doesn’t get that he has a sexy goatee, not a mustache.

Flash Fact 9: It’s unsettling how convincing Harry can be sometimes.

Flash Fact 10: The E is silent.

Flash Fact 11: Don’t call them toys; they’re figurines.

Flash Fact 12: Nature doesn’t work to scale.

Flash Fact 13: Big Sir has a very hard shoulder.

Flash Fact 14: Embiggen is not a word.

Flash Fact 15: Prison pudding is so much better than outside pudding. OBVIOUSLY.

Flash Fact 16: If you use a biochemical treatment to target the pituitary glands of a shrunken person in an effort to flood them with human growth hormones, it will only accelerate their demise (a.k.a. “make things worse”).

Flash Fact 17: There are no coincidences when it comes to DeVoe and bus metas.

That’s all for the week in Flash Facts. Be sure check back next week for even more helpful factoids from #BestShowInTheWorld The Flash!

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