The Start of a (not so) Grand Endeavor

My friends tell me my knowledge of TV, film, and all things random pop culture deserve to be shared with a larger audience.  Maybe that’s just how they convey positive reinforcement. Maybe I can’t take a hint and it’s just their subtle way of saying “Shut it.”

Like Eddie, I’m quite bad with social context clues

Regardless of what got me here or the fact that my brain continues to view this as a HUGE mistake, I think this can turn into a cathartic exercise. A guy can only spend so much time talking his friends’ ears off about comic book movies, why pro wrestling is glorious, or the inherent goodness of Disney releasing an animated movie that features LGBT characters (the dancing tigers from Zootopia, in case you were wondering) before their eyes glaze over.

Synchronized dancing tigers covered in body glitter…  I rest my case

This blog will contain plenty of nonsense, not unlike most of the internet. I promise to celebrate of film and TV alike. There will also be plenty of comics talk, especially the superhero variety. At no point in this (not so) grand endeavor do I mean to offend, but that might happen. That said, my sincerest apologies in advance to the following groups:

  • Cinefiles
  • Marvel fans
  • DC fans
  • Pro wrestling enthusiasts
  • Emetophobes (because of the word vomiting)
  • Any TV fandom
  • Animal rights groups (because…why not?)
  • Podcast lovers
  • Anything I forgot to mention

Now that I got that out of the way, on to the rambling!