36 Handy Dandy Uses For Your Swiss Army Man

In the event you find yourself stranded on a small, deserted island with a corpse, don’t despair! Swiss Army Man has provided a helpful guide of sample uses in case you don’t know where to start.

  1. Jet ski
  2. Fart machine
  3. Suicide deterent
  4. Punching bag
  5. Sled
  6. Flotation device
  7. Fake robot
  8. Grappling hook
  9. Flamethrower
  10. Nutcracker
  11. Dance partner
  12. Kissing buddy
  13. Confidant
  14. Beatbox
  15. Ax / Woodcutter
  16. Karaoke partner
  17. Underwater breathing apparatus
  18. Flint
  19. Water fountain
  20. Water collection bucket
  21. Gun
  22. Bear repellent
  23. Bro
  24. Masturbation shamer
  25. Compass
  26. Backpack
  27. Raccoon repellent
  28. Life model decoy
  29. Dinner companion
  30. Fish shooter
  31. Camping buddy
  32. Jet pack
  33. Bubble machine
  34. Conversation starter
  35. Halloween costume
  36. Patsy

In conclusion, I implore you: Do yourself a favor and go see this weird and wonderful film. Even the website is an odd little gem. Swiss Army Man is a new film release from A24 staring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. I promise you haven’t seen anything like it before, and that’s a precious thing in this originality drought.

Fun fact: If you imagine this film as one that follows Now You See Me 2 and Now You See Me 2 as a continuation of the Harry Potter franchise, that makes the film just that much stranger.

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