Flash Facts: ‘Pranks Be To God’ Edition

This is your handy-dandy, fact-filled recap of all the wonderful knowledge we gained from the latest installment of The Flash. This week, we get a blast from Flash TV past with the return of a popular villain, Barry grows a prison beard, and Ralph steps in to fill Central City’s superhero void.

Today’s Episode: “The Elongated Knight Rises” (Season 4; Episode: 11)

Flash Fact 1: You can’t be a criminal that counts calories and hostages; you have to pick one.

Flash Fact 2: Bombs can be a major source of heartburn.

Flash Fact 3: Just like comedians don’t like it when you ask them to tell jokes on command, Cisco doesn’t like it when you ask him to come up with hero/villain names on command.

Flash Fact 4: Axel Walker just wants to be “murder buds” with poor, sweet Barry. Really, that’s all. He swears.

Flash Fact 5: If you eat bad pudding, see a nurse immediately. Preferably one that’s related to you and has the resources to break you out of prison.

Flash Fact 6: PRANK IS BACK!!!!

Flash Fact 7: Ralph sleeps in his costume like pajamas.

Flash Fact 8: Just because your cells are polymer, doesn’t mean you’re indestructible or that acid can’t hurt you.

Flash Fact 9: Everyone knows what kryptonite is, even on an earth without a Superman or a Supergirl.

Flash Fact 10: Behind every great trick is an even better prank.

Flash Fact 11: There is ONE thing Harry can’t suck the fun out of, and it’s “Leaf Peeping.”

Flash Fact 12: Beebo loves getting clean.

Flash Fact 13: If you give Harry 59 minutes, he only needs 58.

Flash Fact 14: Having the ability to help someone but do nothing, that is a far worse death than anything the Trickster has for you. But rising above that fear and saving those lives, that’s a greater life.

Flash Fact 15: You want Killer Frost? Just scream, “Lexi La Roche!”

Flash Fact 16: It’s pronounced “axid.”

Flash Fact 17: Anything that looks fun is probably lethal.

Flash Fact 18: You can’t murder your way out of problems.

Flash Fact 19: Beebo likes to play.

Flash Fact 20: He doesn’t stretch. He contorts.

Flash Fact 21: Prince would not have settled for “Shorty Guitar Man.”

Flash Fact 22: When you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

Flash Fact 23: Allen always pays.

Flash Fact 24: Oregon Trail is a classic.

That’s all for the week in Flash Facts. Be sure check back next week for even more helpful factoids from #BestShowInTheWorld The Flash!

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