17 Reasons to go see “The Bronze”

  1. The Duplass brothers produced it, meaning if you like Enlightened, The League, The One I Love, Safety Not Guaranteed, etc… you will probably like this movie.
  2. Melissa Rauch swears like a sailor and it’s funny as hell
  3. Gary Cole
  4. Gary Cole’s pet fish
  5. Gary Cole’s treatment of his pet fish throughout the movie, including traveling with it
  6. Craig Kilborn sighting
  7. Midwest accents
  8. Fanta shout out
  9. Twice in the movie, there’s a guy with a faulty wheelchair that just spins in circles. It works both times
  10. Sbarro shout out
  11. “Smell my nachos”
  12. The frequent twitches of Silicon Valley’s own Thomas Middleditch (try saying “Middleditch twitch” five times fast)
  13. Sebastian Stan plays a Gold and Silver medalist in male gynastics named Lance “The Fucker” Tucker
  14. The Winter Solider (Sebastian Stan) has one helluva gymnastic sex scene with Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) from The Big Bang Theory
  15. I repeat Sebastian Stan gymnastics sex scene
  16. I’m not going to tell you again: Sebastian. Stan. Male. Gymnast.
  17. Ok, one more time: Sebastian. Stan. Sex. Scene.

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