In (mild) Defense of A Bad Moms Christmas

I cannot claim that A Bad Moms Christmas is a “good” movie by conventional standards. It doesn’t come close to replicating the charm of the first movie, and almost every new addition to the cast feels like a waste of talent, save for the always effervescent Christine Baranski cutting through her scenes like the thespian rapier that she is.

But you know what A Bad Moms Christmas has that other movies don’t? Justin Hartley, a.k.a. Smallville’s Green Arrow and Kevin from This is Us. And you know who Justin Hartley plays in this not-that-good-but-okay movie? A hunky firefighter named TY SWINDEL who also moonlights as a competitive dancer and courts the hilarious Kathryn Hahn.

At one point in the movie, Hartley’s TY SWINDEL and Hahn’s Carla demonstrate a cute exercise in awkward flirting while Carla wax’s SWINDEL’S unmentionables. It looks like this:

It also has a dancing hunky Santa contest.

And guess who wins…

That’s right: WE ALL DO.

And do you know how the courtship of TY SWINDEL and Carla ends? With another dance at a family Christmas dinner where SWINDEL professes his love for Carla (fully clothed mind you, but who cares).

In short, Bad Moms Christmas isn’t a “good” movie, but it doesn’t have to be because it delivered “TY SWINDEL ūüíó CARLA.” Thanks for existing Bad Moms Christmas and providing the gift that truly keeps on giving.

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