Pee Wee’s Big Weekend

What a great time to be Paul Reubens!

Not only did he release the delightful Pee Wee’s Big Holiday (there will be thoughts) through Netflix over the weekend with help from Judd Apatow, last night on Gotham Mr. Herman made his grand return to the DC universe.

For those of you too young to remember (side note: that’s not an excuse for not knowing something unless you are an infant) Reubens once played the patriarch of the Cobblepot family in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. He shows up for cold open right before dumping little Oswald into a river, setting up the Moses-inspired plot line where… You know what, it’s weird. Even for a comic book movie. I won’t get into it here. Batman straight up killed a guy…

I digress. Anyway, he returned to the role of Papa Penguin in the proverbial mixed bag that is Gotham.

Full disclosure: I haven’t watched the episode yet.

Here’s my guess: Reubens was great; everyone else overacted while the sets did most of the heavy lifting of making that show watchable.

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