Flash Facts: “Trajectory” Edition

Your handy-dandy, fact-filled recap of all the wonderful knowledge we gained from watching the latest installment of #BestShowInTheWorld: CW’s The Flash.

Today’s Episode: “Trajectory” (Season: 2; Episode: 16)

Flash Fact 1: Rivers don’t look deep on maps because maps are flat

Flash Fact 2: Earth 2 Harry really digs Yeezus.

Flash Fact 3: Evil Knievel-Not a superhero. Except for that sweet ride.

Flash Fact 4: If someone offers to bring a drone, don’t question why.

Flash Fact 5: On Earth 2, Beyoncé is a senator. This was clearly intended as a joke because in NO UNIVERSE—fictional or otherwise—does Beyoncé settle for being a senator… She gets to be President. Or Queen. Minimum.

Flash Fact 6: If Cisco says Team Flash needs a break, it might be serious. If Caitlin says Team Flash needs a break, it’s “situation critical.” 

Flash Fact 7: Barry has a firm policy against underage drinking.

Flash Fact 8: If I understand the functionality of this watch correctly, it”protects” Jessie by beeping anytime she’s in the proximity of some serious eye candy 😏 

I present exhibits A and B respectively…


Flash Fact 9: Poor sweet Barry doesn’t get out much so he picks clubs based on Yelp reviews. 4 stars or higher only.

Flash Fact 10: Poor sweet Barry also picks clubs based on theme, especially ones with a killer tic-tac-toe theme. Who could argue with that face?

Flash Fact 11: Cisco dances like a drunk sorority girl and I love it.

Flash Fact 12: A) Iris just hardcore flirted her foster brother or B) Iris doesn’t know what “Netflix and Chill” means.

Flash Fact 13: And I quote, “Write it up: His Journey from Streak to Freak.”…

Flash Fact 14: “What’s her suit like,” is a valid question.

Flash Fact 15: The protocols of information compartmentalization are as follows: give someone only 3 out of the 8 components necessary to build something. Or as Catilin’s friend puts it later, “too damn easy.”

Flash Fact 16: Caitlin’s friend has a thing for older gentlemen.

Flash Fact 17: You lose a chunk of your humanity everytime you compromise your values.

Flash Fact 18: The crazy ones always name themselves…

Flash Fact 19: PC negative blood apparently isn’t a thing on Earth 1. Who knew?

Flash Fact 20: “Villains gonna vill.” 

Flash Fact 21: The faster one gets, the bluer one’s lightning becomes.

Flash Fact 22: Life getting you down? Now there’s Velocity-9 for those speed barriers you just can’t crack without a boost. Ask your doctor if V9 is right for you. WARNING: side-effects of V9 may include blue lightning, sudden evaporation, and development of multiple personalities. Please consult your physician immediately if you begin to exhibit any of these symptoms.  

Flash Fact 23: Never trust Jay Garrick.

Flash Fact 24: Daughters hate it when their dads get overprotective. Especially if it involves killing.

Flash Fact 25: If you save your daughter from a mad speedster, uproot her life to a new earth, and nearly get her killed by ANOTHER mad speedster, she’s gonna need some space.


Those are all the Flashtastic facts for this week! Be sure check back next week for even more helpful factoids from #BestShowInTheWorld The Flash!

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