What if WWE Superstars Had D&D Alignments?

Watching tonight’s episode of Raw got me thinking about the WWE Universe in a D&D context. Frankly it was the Styles/Cena and Ziggler/Corbin segments that set me off on this path, and now this chart exists. Frankly, I wanted an excuse to make a joke about Ziggler kicking Corbin in the lone wolves, but then I couldn’t figure out for the life of me where Ziggler would even go on this chart. Yeah…

Given how frequently alignments change in the WWE, this entire chart may look moot in a few weeks, but I think the basic archetypes are accurate given the usual character motivations and history. Some spots felt difficult to file because either no one or too many people seemed like a good candidate for the spot. Case in point: Stephanie, HHH, or Vince would all make good fits for “Lawful Evil” but that didn’t seem challenging enough. Maybe I’ll do a few more versions of this for fun, but using different themes.

Anyways… my WWE Alignment chart:


wwe alignment charts



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