Joy Alert: Will & Grace is Back and It Hasn’t Missed A Beat

I’m not one to get my hopes up when it concerns cast reunions, especially the kind you’ve been yearning over for years (I’m just about ready to call it quits on Friends). So when news broke this past weekend that the cast of Will & Grace was teasing “something big”, you can imagine my reaction was intrigued but tepid at best. I figured we were about to see one of two outcomes. Scenario 1: the principle cast reunites as their characters for one brief, albeit glorious sketch courtesy of some Fallon- or Corden-driven shenanigans. It wouldn’t be much, but I’d gladly take it. Scenario 2: they reunite to announce that every past season of the show was finally coming to a streaming service (not unlike Hulu’s Seinfeld deal).

What we got was something much better than I could have hoped.

Like a beautiful Jack MacFarlane dream sequence, we got nine glorious minutes full of all the Will & Grace goodness you know and love (even if it does seem to go against the canon). Karen’s vampiric lifespan, a “Just Jack” reference, Grace sings… I’m in heaven you guys! Sure it’s all about the 2016 election and destined to be dated in two months time, but I don’t give a flying Beverly Leslie.

With any luck, the fan response to this will be huge and we’ll get a Gilmore Girls-esque revival.

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