Flash Facts: “Worlds’ Finest” Edition

Your handy-dandy, fact-filled recap of all the wonderful knowledge we gained from watching this week’s mega crossover between CBS’s Supergirl and CW’s The Flash. SPOILER WARNING: MY CHEEKS HURT FROM JOY.

Credit: CBS.com

Flash Fact 1: DEO food sucks.

Flash Fact 2: Cupcakes are a perfect metaphor for love.

Flash Fact 3: Cat Grant rubbed shoulders with Oprah thanks to her 1998 best seller, “The Lighthouse Technique: Shine Your Light and Let Him Come to You.”

Flash Fact 4: Don’t mess with Cat Grant’s cupcakes.

Flash Fact 5: Barry’s here and I can’t stop smiling.


Flash Fact 6: Barry and Kara are talking and I can stop smiling.

Flash Fact 7: Everyone is adorable. Everything is awesome. I CAN’T STOP SMILING.


Flash Fact 8: Lucky for all of us, poor sweet Barry just landed on the wrong Earth.

Flash Fact 9: There are no Flash counterparts on this Earth.

Flash Fact 10: Kara loves her ice cream.

Credit: CBSSupergirlgifs.tumblr.com

Flash Fact 11: Barry loves his donuts.

Credit: CBSSupergirlgifs.tumblr.com

Flash Fact 12: I don’t think it’s scientifically possible to be any more attracted to a room of four people than I am right now. They really do look like the young attractive non threatening multi-racial cast of a CW show.


Credit: CBSSupergirlgifs.tumblr.com

Flash Fact 13: Of course Cat would dub The Flash “the Blur” because no one escapes a good Smallville Easter egg.

Flash Fact 14: Scottish accents are the key to tricking muggles into buying $300 worth of Quartz.

Flash Fact 15: Good news Sioban! All the women in your family are unlikable. It’s not just YOU.

Flash Fact 16: Sioban really got on board with that whole “killing” thing fast.

Flash Fact 17: Livewire’s escape makes no sense.

Flash Fact 18: National City needs The Flash.

Flash Fact 19: Livewire really likes helping people catch on fire.

Flash Fact 20: I don’t know the difference between an evil Taylor Swift squad and a normal Taylor Swift squad.

Flash Fact 21: Baddies love a good abandoned warehouse, no matter what earth they are on.

Flash Fact 22: Winn and Barry are high fiving. I. CAN’T. STOP. SMILING.

winn barry

Flash Fact 23: Barry let her get there first.

Flash Fact 24: Freeze breath + arm cyclones = nergasm

freeze breath

Flash Fact 25: Beyoncé is not a senator this earth either. The world is cruel.

Flash Fact 26: Everyone recognizes Sioban even when she’s unrecognizable.

Flash Fact 27: Poor sweet Barry says “bad boys” a lot.

Flash Fact 28: Kara’s Earth and Barry’s Earth both have The Three Musketeers.

Flash Fact 29: When the women outnumber the men, it is perfectly reasonable to quip, “Let’s settle this like women.”

settle this like womensupergirlsupergirl1

Credit: CBSSupergirlgifs.tumblr.com

Flash Fact 30: Livewire hates helicopters.

Flash Fact 31: Jimmy Olsen is always good for advice.

Flash Fact 32: If someone is unfailing charming and nice, they are either a superhero or a Mormon. Hello!

Flash Fact 33: All those now shipping Binn (Barry X Winn), please raise your hands.

Credit: CBSSupergirlgifs.tumblr.com

Flash Fact 34: I’m gonna miss having Supergirl and Flash on the same show.

Credit: CBSSupergirlgifs.tumblr.com

Flash Fact 35: Now I’m shipping Karry (Barry X Kara). But I like them as friends too.

Credit: CBSSupergirlgifs.tumblr.com

Flash Fact 36: Kara is so much better at doing than saying.

Flash Fact 37: This was better than Batman V Superman. Please don’t this this joy go away.



Those are all the Flashtastic facts for today. More to come later this week following #BestShowInTheWorld  The Flash.

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