Flash Facts: “Guh-guh-guh…GHOSTS” edition

Your handy-dandy, fact-filled recap of all the wonderful knowledge we gained from the latest installment of #BestShowInTheWorld: CW’s The Flash. This week, we get a double dose of Flash thanks to a joy-inducing crossover with Supergirl. Didn’t watch it? You should. It’s better that Batman v Superman, and I actually dug that movie more than most.

Tonight Poor, sweet Barry travels back in time in the hopes of finally cracking the formula to the speed force so he become faster and defeat Zoom. The only problem with this plan, he needs the help of Evil Wells to do it.

Today’s Episode: “Flash Back” (Season: 2; Episode: 17)


Flash Fact 1: No one learned their lesson from last year with Wells.

Flash Fact 2: The Allen/Wests are a red wine family.

Flash Fact 3:Wally obviously can’t talk to Ferrari and Porsche because “They dead.”

Flash Fact 4:Barry’s plan is asinine, but Cisco can make it work.

Flash Fact 5:Even Barry is a fan of Barry, hence the quoting of his own quips.

Flash Fact 6:Two Grant Gustins for the price of one is a fee I am always happy to pay.


Flash Fact 7: Poor, sweet Barry just can’t help messing with time and potentially dooming everyone in the process.

Flash Fact 8:Beware the time wraiths. They’re basically dementors for reckless time travelers.

Flash Fact 9: Torture isn’t easy, but “Rick Rolling” is always a great place to start.

Flash Fact 10: Iris isn’t the only one who misses Eddie…

Flash Fact 11: Also, Barry has a surprisingly steady hand when it comes to filming videos on his phone.

Flash Fact 12: My enemy can become my friend if I go back in time, drug my doppelganger, take over his life, get caught, find I’m being chased by a evil ghosts, go to my enemy for help, have him refuse, torture him, he helps because we both dig science, then jump forward in time a year. Got it.

That brings this week’s edition of Flash Facts to a close. Be sure check back next week for even more helpful factoids from #BestShowInTheWorld The Flash!




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