WrestleMania Dallas: What Worked

Woo Woo Woo – We Get a Pleasant Surprise to Start the Show


Jericho Redeemed

The New Day’s Entrance Power Level is Over 9000!

The New Day’s Post Match Antics + The Legends Arrive

Stone Cold’s face during most of the New Day stuff says it all.

Let the joyous news be spread: The Diva dark ages are over!

Good riddance to that butterfly belt. Finally we have a real women’s title again. The design mirrors the main title, a smart choice that conveys the idea that both titles are on the same level of prestige. Also, it kind of looks better than the main title too.

The Entire Women’s Championship match – man that feels good to type.

I loved everything about this match from top to bottom: Sasha’s entire entrance with her cousin, Hall of Famer, Snoop Doog (man that feels strange to type), the performance, the confetti, the Eddie Guerrero tribute gear; Charlotte’s magnificent Flair robe (woooooo).

The McMahon Family is Insane and Will Do Anything for our Amusement

Shane is a hero to the people and deserves nothing but respect for doing what most of that roster, who’s half his age, have NEVER done.

And later in the night, Steph took a spear like a champ.

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